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About Us

Recruitment + Placement = Your Success!

Whether you are a top-drawer engineer seeking a career move, or a renowned firm ready to add another ace engineer to the team, Ingman+Ingman is the partner you need.

Founded in 2000, Ingman+Ingman has built a stellar reputation with the industry's most well-respected players by tirelessly living up to its credo: Connecting the Best with the Brightest. Our extensive, ever-expanding and always up-to-date database, plus our ongoing research helps us fulfill our promise to you. That said, the value you get from Ingman+Ingman is not measurable in bytes. It's the 'soft skills' we possess as advocates that set us apart from the crowd; our ability to roll up our sleeves and negotiate the best deal for both parties, ensuring not just successful placement, but long-term results that benefit everyone.

Two Ingmans, one great recruitment firm

With Ingman+Ingman, there's no need to read between the lines. We encourage you, though, to read between the Ingman names: that plus is meaningful. It represents the strength of two professionals at your service, each with unsurpassed skill, each complementing the other with more than 50 years of business acumen between them. Sharon has extensive experience helping corporate executives and businesses improve their bottom lines. This knowledge, plus a focus on long-term value, benefits you with a match you can rely on.

Employers know that with Sharon working on their behalf they will have an Engineer candidate uniquely suited to their needs and objectives.

Jeff's business management expertise is another plus. His initial screening of candidates brings clarity to those skills best suited for any given firm. It's a strategy of realizing potential - not just today, but in the long-term.

Ingman+Ingman clients are secure in the knowledge that the prospects they interview meet stringent criteria. They count on the Ingmans' talent for matching results-oriented engineers with top firms seeking team members who will help them achieve their long-term goals. Their added negotiation skills ensure the fairest, most lucrative agreement for candidate and employer alike.

Perhaps the most important reason to have Ingman+Ingman on your side is that Sharon and Jeff build relationships. They get to know you. They follow up to be certain you are happy. They handle concerns. They stick around. They, too, are in it for the long-term. Whether you are looking for a job or looking for an engineer, contact Ingman+Ingman today and get started on your quest for unsurpassed business success.


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