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Project List Tips

A well constructed project list is often the most efficient way to help a client, a recruiter or an employer understand what you've accomplished. You need to convey data without boring your reader. But it should be more than a just simple list of buildings or locations or client names.

Here's what to include in your bulleted project list:

  • Project name:

"Faulty Towers" or "17 floor office building" or "Steven's home" or "warehouse for BASF" or "600 ft suspension bridge" or "200 home development"

  • Dates:

"completed Jan 2010" or "2 year construction period - 6/2005-8/2007"

  • Scoping details:

 "10,000 sq ft" or "$6 million construction cost" or "1 mm pounds of structural steel" or "500K board feet lumber" or "6 mm cu ft excavation"

  • Project Description:

10 story building design or "seismic analysis report" or "forensic investigation/expert witness testimony" or "project management" or "owners representative" or "supervised 10 engineer and CAD team"

  • Interesting details:

"Project completed 3 weeks ahead of schedule earning 10% bonus" or "perk test required before beginning project"

In some but not all cases you may want to group your projects by type such as hospital, industrial, remodel, forensic investigation, owner's representative, project management, buildings over 10 stories, etc.

Here are three abbreviated examples in different styles (with names and some details altered). Some are more descriptive and helpful than the others:

Example 1:


  • King  County Fairground s- 40 acre site, 9 building including 80,000 sf convention center, 4 animal open air structures & ticket building.  Budget $15 mm completed in 2005.
  • Thurston County Branch Court - 11,800 s.f., including 2 courtrooms & administrative offices.  Budget $4.7 mm completed in 2007.
  • Cancer Treatment Center, administrative office remodeling - 30,000 sf phase 1.  30,000 s.f. phase 1 budget $1.3 mm  completed in 2009. Phase 2 $1.1 mm currently under construction.
  • Bellevue Police Station - 19,000 sf 2- story addition with secure holding cells.  Budget $4mm completed in 2007.


Example 2:


Earthquake Engineering, Spring 2010

Evaluated seismic response of 3-dimensional multi-story building affected by the 1999 Snoqualmie earthquake using different analysis methods that considered linear and nonlinear behavior. Conducted Linear Static Approach using the code-base equivalent force procedure outlined in ASCE 7-05.

Utilized dynamic approach to evaluate the response spectrum analysis for multiple modes of vibrations and the modal combination rule to estimate the maximum response with contribution from all modes. Considered Linear Dynamic Response-History Analysis to evaluate the response history of one frame subjected to ground motion.

Plotted Response Histories and compared peak responses with the estimated peak values obtained from the response Spectrum analysis to determine the difference in the type of analyses.

Bookstone Design, Spring 2009

Conceptually designed a two story building with a library and community center for the residents of RPI in a seven week time frame. Completed extensive calculations for differential loads of books and winds, and simplified with appropriate assumptions to produce a functional and affordable building.

Used Structure Analysis Software, Risa 2D & 3D, to simulate appropriate building loads and make appropriate assumptions to improve safety and reduce construction cost. As team structure leader, coordinated target deadlines, presentations and proposal report updates to group and evaluator.

Rate Effect in Concrete, Spring 2009

Utilized numerical computation and Lattice Discrete Particle Models (LDPM) to simulate concrete behavior under different strain rates. Calibrated LDPM parameter using Mat Lab and validated the model by comparing numerical calculations with experimental results gathered from the literature. Evaluated experimental data relevant to stress versus strain curves and stress versus time.


Example 3:


Tenant Improvements

  • Grace Bender, Inc. – 4,000 SF tenant remodel.  Completed space planning to construction documents, site verification, site visits, client meetings, and punchlists.
  •  Sweet Creek I – New 2,800 SF tenant build-out.  Completed space planning to construction documents, site verification, and client meetings.
  • Sweet Creek III – New 2,400 SF tenant build-out.  Completed space planning to construction documents, site verification, and client meetings.
  • Washington Network,  Sweet Creek IV – New 5,100 SF Build-out.  Completed space planning to construction documents, site verification, and client meetings.
  • Jones and Jackson, Portland, WI – New 30,000 SF tenant build-out.  Worked on construction documents, interior build-out.
  • Smith and Wesson, Portland, WI – 160,000 SF tenant remodel.  Completed project from schematic design to construction administration, field verification, shop submittals, and punchlists.

Corporate Office

  • Community Insurance Services, Anaconda, MN – 27,000 SF addition to existing office building.  Completed project from design development to construction documents, consultant coordination, and worked with client with material selection.
  • Ghest Research & Development, West Bend, WI – 73,300 SF exterior and interior remodel of existing manufacturing facility into a research and development center.  Completed design development to construction administration, RFI’s, shop submittals, site visits, and punchlists.
  • Newburg Group, Kingsford, Maine – New 22,800 SF corporate office building.  Worked on project from schematic design to design development and specification of materials.


  • West Branch Church, Branch, MI – Worked on construction documents with partner.


  • Northwest Christian School, Brooks, MN - Worked on construction documents with lead Project Architect.


  • Jackson Bank – Rasberry Creek, Kenoa, WI – New 12,000 SF bank. Completed project from design development to construction documents, completed punchlist with Project Architect.
  • Baston Bank – Brookfield, MA – New 14,200 SF bank.  Completed project from schematic design to construction documents, field visits, and client contact.


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